Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tigers Season comes to a crashing end

Well has everyone recovered from yesterdays classic/heartbreaker one game playoff yet. I don't know about you but watching the highlights just made it more and more depressing to me. This game had it all classic Metrodome "house of horrors" see one of my very very early posts along with classic season long problems.

For an official recap see this ESPN article and for my rant on it please keep reading

Well good riddance to the metrodome and all those artificial turf high hoppers (ala should have been game ending double play in 10th between Polanco and Everrit) and the classic losing the ball in the outfield (thanks to rookie Dan Kelly) and the ever friendly outfield bounce (compliments of Ryan Raburn's attempted sliding catch with bonus points going to Curtis Granderson not taking proper back up angle). Of course all that does is gloss over the most glaring hole the team has had from beginning to end and that is lack of clutch hits over and over again. It was dizzying how my runners got stranded at third with less than two outs not only in this game but thru out the season.

As always people will second guess the manager for the 100's of small decisions that are made in any given season and serve as the seedy underside of many wins and losses thru out the season. I do wonder why he "rested" Polanco in the 4th to last game of season and how he only played Magglio (Mr. 380 batting average in September/October) 6 innings on the day of the Monday White Sox double header. But the most glaring error in judgment was being married to his righty/lefty batter/pitcher match ups where he started Aubrey Huff and is one hundred and change batting average instead of starting Ryan Raburn and his season ending 291 batting average.

In the end one of the analyst had it right when he said "it seemed like so many players had 4 to 5 times to change the course of this game" and when our line up regularly feature 3-4 sub 250 hitters and the Twins simply did not you end up with this result.

Good Luck DD on construction next years team and building on the momentum of this season.