Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Detroit Lions losing while worse are winning

The bad are getting better. While the worst seem to be getting worse.

About 2 months ago the NFL seemed to be inundated with a lot of really bad football teams. Surprisingly, the Lions weren't at the top, err, bottom of that list. Who would have thought that teams like Oakland, Tampa, Cleveland and Washington (to name a few) would be looking worse on the field than the Lions? Sure, Detroit had a similar record to all those teams, but they weren't looking and loosing as badly as all those teams. After all, the Lions actually beat Washington and Cleveland.

The win over Cleveland seen by a few thousand at Ford Field was definitely the turning point of the season. But not the momentum turning point the local media and Lions loyalists hyped it up to being. Since that made-for-local-blackout moment, the Lions have been outscored 156-58.

How bad are the Lions? They lost at home to St. Louis, a 1-14 team!

How bad are the Lions? They got blown out at Seattle, who in turn got blown out at home by Tampa. Tampa also won at New Orleans last week! Whereas Detroit was destroyed at NOLA in week 1.

Other dismally looking teams besides Tampa have been making progress. Oakland is 5-10 and have won at Denver and at Pittsburgh. Cleveland has just won 3 straight, including a win over Pittsburgh. The common denominator there? Pittsburgh, of course they actually beat Detroit. Washington is up to 4-11 and have beaten Denver.

So while some of the dismal teams of this season have been pro-gressing, leave it to the Lions to be re-gressing. On a positive note, at least they've been backing into the number 2 pick in the next NFL draft.