Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pistons fire Curry

Today the Detroit Pistons fired Micheal Curry and ended a very short and ill-conceived experiment. Mainly being sticking a rookie head coach with an older and somewhat set in there ways veteran team. To be fair it is hard seeing any coach doing very well with this collection of players especially after the AI trade. I for one was for the AI trade as it related to basketball matters and not just salary cap ramifications. But I had no idea just how valuable Chauncey was as a clubhouse leader and clubhouse liaison with the coaching staff. It did turn me into a Nuggets fan and seeing there great playoff run was just more proof of Chauncey's value.

This has to be considered more of an indictment on Dumars than Curry and I really hope Curry is able to pursue other coaching avenues. Dumars can only get by with the "at least he cuts his losses quickly" reasoning for so long. Seems like for every success there is an equal failure be it sign and trade for Ben Wallace and then signing Nazr Mohammed to replace him. Drafting Tayshaun Prince but then drafting Jason Maxiell and seeing his growth get so stunted last year and simply giving up Amir Johnson for cap space after signing him to an extension the year before These 2 young players along with Rodney Stucky (Lottery pick 2 yrs ago via trade ending the infamous Darko saga) were suppose to be our transition for the future. I don't really see how trying to stick a shoot first to small for the 2 spot "combo" guard as your franchise face like Stucky is going to do any good

I really don't buy into the versatile Forward trend they went with in this years draft either. I actually like there 2nd round picks better than there first. Everyone looks at the NBA finals and sees Odom, Lewis and Turkoglu but forgets the most important part of both teams. Both of those teams were able to draft there Franchise Superstars and without Kobe or Dwight those versatile forwards means nothing.

I really do hope Dumars can turn things around with his next and probably should be last allowable coaching hire and his foray into the Free Agent Market with all of that cap space.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seasons and Calendar Changes

I cant help but notice that going into the 1st official week of summer that I have yet to turn my air conditioner on. I do not have children and/or pets in my household and am in good health for my age range. This does increase my threshold for higher temps as they progress but I still find this as a notable trend. Does it seem like we can all remember our youthful days of the 70's and 80's where snow in October and November was common place. Now it seems like we get major snow falls in February/March at least in the mid-west states like Michigan, Ohio, Indiana etc. Likewise it seems like our Septembers and Octobers have more and more summer temps overlap. I can remember a very warm weekend in September last year that I should have turned on the AC for my guests and I but I held steadfast to a very stubborn rule "no AC in Sept are you kidding me". But now seeing me go almost into July without my AC lets me see how the timing of the seasons have shifted and how silly I was to make that decision.

People can debate long and hard whether this seasonal shift is caused or not caused by pollution/natural phenomenons etc... but the main question is, if the normal seasonal temps/activity still occur does it matter?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My first Blog

I never thought I would become a blogger in my lifetime. I hope my typing and grammar skills are up to the task. Just about all of my friends and family would be amazed if I simply emailed them this Blog. I look forward to a long and prosperous career in blogging. I look forward to utilizing the internet in my new found advertising career for products and services far and wide.